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Timeline 2001 to 2010


2001 January 12 - Palace of Monserrate - opening of Tender, published in DR III Series, no. 10, to repair the roof and vestments outside the palace and restoration of floors, walls and ceilings of the 1st and 2nd floors of the tower S., is the contracting authority of the Parks Sintra - Monte da Lua.

2001 June 1 - reopening to the public of the Capuchin Convent, being the responsible entity of the Park Sintra - Monte da Lua
2001 - Completion of the work of the Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval resulting from this intervention connecting the theater to the former Casino de Sintra, the solution set of the original project architect Norte Junior.
2001 October - inauguration of the Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval after extensive rehabilitation and expansion.
2001 - Renovation of the building of the Town Hall.
2001-Moorish Castle - various interventions, cleaning and clearing; placement in the walls of an electrical box.
2001/2002 - Rehabilitation Source Kill Alva, including restoration, the Recovery School Heritage of Sintra, panel cleaning and nineteenth-century frescoes of precious stones.
2002 - Draft lighting and test the Clock Tower,
2002 - Rehabilitation of Penha da Fonte Verde or d'El Rei, including cleaning of the School jeweled Recovery Heritage of Sintra; remodeling project of the Tourism Building (formerly the Hotel Costa); draft recovery house pombalina (acquired by Municipality of Sintra); rehabilitation project of the House of Freedom Park; exterior Anjos Teixeira Museum and the Museum of Natural History.
2002 - Due to the poor condition of the tile panel of the main facade of the Palace of Valenças is placed a new replica of the previous one, just changed the color and placement of fringes.
2002 - Construction of the pump station to supply water to the Pena Palace.
2002/2003 - Royal Palace - Maintenance and recovery of pine window frames, painted with traditional oil paints, removing the old paint and loose mortar, regularization of the surface, and applying preserver immunization, primary and mass bitumen, sanding, and applying retouching ink of oil.
2003 July - drafting the Charter Risk Property Monserrate Palace by DGEMN.
2003 September - ongoing works of conservation and restoration of facades and replacement of roofs at Mercy Hospital.
2003 - Change the library to house Mantero.
2003 - Start of operation of the bar in the building north of the Central Hotel.
2003 - Fountain of Sabuga is in an advanced state of decay, many of the tiles have been removed and vast grove covers almost the entire facade.
2003 - Decree n. º 831/2003 of 13 August (MOPTH) will nullify the protection zones and burden affecting the building Chain.
2003 - Seteais - restoration and painting the ceiling of the Oval Office
2003/2004 - Works repair the facades and roofs of the chapel and hospital of Mercy.
2004-16 January - authorization of Sintra Municipal Assembly to acquire the property at Quinta da Friendship by the municipality.
2004 - Palace of Monserrate-completion of the 1st phase of the rehabilitation works, which included: rehabilitation of timber structures of roofs and pavements underlying; recovery floors of roofing lead plates; recovery of external paving, plaster and stone elements; recovery Roman tile roofing, pitched roofs and terraces; recovery elements of wood with holes not structural; replacement systems lead paint coatings, wood and iron; rehabilitation of drainage systems for rainwater.
2005 January 27 - photographic survey of the exterior elevations of the palace by Regaleira DGEMN.
2005 - Opening to the public of the Palace of Monserrate with visits limited due to construction.
2005 - CM Sintra marks 10 years of classification as a World Heritage Site, in the National Palace of Sintra.
2005 - Seteais - restoration of the windows.
2005 December - Palace of Monserrate-guided tours suspended due to infiltrations after the works of 1. ª recovery phase.
2006 March 20 - Augusto Carvalho has no strength to fight his serious illness
2007, 07 July - Seteais was named as one of the Seven Wonders of Portugal.
2007 - Reopening of Monserrate Palace to the public; recovery of the Sanitary 1. Floor of the central tower.
2008 - Fifth Regaleira-recovery of metallic elements such as guards stairs, windows and balconies.
2008 - Seteais - treatment of plasters and paints the exterior facades.
2008 - Museum of Contemporary Art / Casino - Recovery of facades, repair and painting; review of roofing, waterproofing of terraces with; review of elements of rainwater catchment and its replacement, repair of interior walls and ceilings; review of electrical installation in the attic; arrangement of bays.
2008/2009 - Palace of Monserrate - Restoration of the library, and chapel stove; early draft conservation and restoration of plaster with the School of Professional Recovery Heritage of Sintra.
2009/2010 - Palace of Monserrate - rehabilitation of the technical gallery and installation of new infrastructure networks (water, sewer, electricity, lighting, normal and emergency communications, fire detection, central heating); recovery toilets, kitchen and pantry , conservation and restoration of the ceiling of the south tower and dining room.